Gerald R. Ford Leadership Forum


Exploring The Question

The Ford Forum’s Webcast, “Exploring the Question,” is hosted by the Gerald Ford Foundation’s Executive Director, Gleaves Whitney.


Episode 4:“Mistrust: Can We Work Together Anymore?” with Ethan Zuckerman

Episode 9: “A Troubled Presidency: What can Herbert Hoover Teach Us Today?” with George Nash

Episode 8: “Those Darn American Founders: How Virtuous Were They?” with Lindsay Chervinsky

Episode 6: “Those Old-Time Committees: Can They Fix a Broken Congress?” with Jason Grumet

Episode 5: “E Pluribus Unum: What is the Right Balance Between the Two?” with Linda Chavez

Episode 3: “American Quagmires: What Lessons Are We Learning?” with Dominic Tierney

Episode 2: “America’s Longest War: What Happened in Afghanistan?” with Joseph Hogan

Episode 1: “Surrendering Afghanistan: At What Human Cost?” with Freshta Tori Jan

Episode 7: “Evangelicals, Then & Now: How Did 1976 Change American Culture and Politics?” with Daniel K. Williams