Gerald R. Ford Leadership Forum

Students and Young Professionals

Becoming a Ford Fellow

College and university Students

The Ford Fellows program for undergraduate and graduate students aids students identify and cultivate the virtues necessary to leadership and citizenship. It accomplishes this through deep-study seminars, household and other competency trainings, mentoring programs, and service programs.

Law Students

The Ford Fellows Law program is a multi-year program designed for current law students who are pursuing a career in law or a related field. The focus is on vocation and the virtues related to public service. Fellows are provided with opportunities for mentorship as well as involvement in deep-study seminars that explore the nature of virtue.

Young Professionals

The Ford Fellows Program for Young Professionals aids early-career professionals in both career discernment and the identification and cultivation of the virtues required to participate in public life. The program is open to young professionals in both the public, private, and non-profit sectors. It accomplishes this through leadership programs focused on deep-study, mentoring, and experiential learning.

Interested In Becoming A Ford Fellow?

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